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Our Code of Conduct

Attorneys who work with Run the Call each must acknowledge that they abide our Professional Code of Conduct and our Terms of Service before accepting an incoming coverage request to appear on behalf of another attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have my court call covered?

We believe in transparency and flat-fee pricing. $125 per coverage request more than 24 hours remaining until your scheduled hearing, and $175 per coverage request remaining if there are less than 24 hours remaining until your scheduled hearing.

What if no one shows up to cover my hearing?

The licensed legal professionals who field your calls have all committed to covering any coverage requests that they accept. You can rest assured knowing your calls will be covered.

Is there a desktop or web application?

Run the Call is available for use here on the web, and we have a mobile app that can be downloaded in the App Store..

Is Run the Call available in my city?

We are currently available throughout Illinois, we plan on rolling out in other major cities over the next 6-12 months - make sure to sign up to receive our newsletter so you know when we are coming to your city!

Can I schedule my call in advance?

Yes, The further in advance you schedule court coverage, the more favorable our pricing works.

How can I work for Run the Call?

We will shortly begin expanding at a very fast pace if you are in the Chicagoland area and are a licensed professional, make sure to subscribe to our email list as important information will be sent out regarding our expansion.



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