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Add your Preferred Courthouses

By default, we add the closest courthouses within 50 miles to your profile once you are successfully approved by Run the Call.

You have the freedom to choose whatever courthouses you would like to cover court calls in as long as you are licensed, have passed the bar and are currently in good standing in that same state.

Start receiving incoming requests

Once you have selected your preferred courthouses - you will start receiving incoming court coverage requests right away!

Confirm any important details

Our in-app messaging system provides secure, real-time access to your coverage attorney, that way if you need something changed or accomplished right away it is as simple as sending a text message.

Never lose track of where your case or the status of your coverage attorney. It's almost as if you had appeared in court yourself!

Summary Notes & Files Uploaded

As soon as the coverage request is complete - it is important that you provide a short summary description of what took place during the coverage request, what the outcome was, if there were any documents filed that need to be uploaded, and if there were any future dates scheduled (such as the next status hearing) for this case.

Submit and get paid!

After sending your notes and uploading any necessary files - submit your coverage request as complete and receive your payment! You can also add any future dates for the case that were scheduled during the coverage request. If the requesting attorney provides a rating of a 4 or a 5 - they will receive a reminder notification previous to the next date asking if they would like to work with the same coverage attorney!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I make covering court calls?

We will pay $100 for covering each standard routine matter such as a Status Hearing and Case or Management Conference.

How often will I be paid?

Right now we distribute payments to our coverage attorneys once per week.

What type of hearings will I cover?

Administrative Hearings, Case Management Conferences, Uncontested Motions, Continuances, Collections, Foreclosure, General Counsel, Municipal, Probate, Traffic, Worker’s Compensation

Is Run the Call available in my city?

We will be rolling out in major cities over the next 6-12 months - make sure to sign up to receive our newsletter so you know when we are coming to your city!

Is there a desktop or web application?

Our mobile app was designed specifically for our coverage attorneys to succeed. You can also use your smartphone or a laptop once approved to cover court calls.

How can I work for Run the Call?

Sign up for your free Run the Call profile today - you can submit your application to become a coverage attorney from within the app once you have created your profile.



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