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Connect with licensed, legal professionals to cover your court appearances.

How it Works

Select the courthouse and enter your case details. We've got you covered.

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    Provide case details, necessary documents, and when you require court coverage.

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    Your request is instantly dispatched to our network of vetted attorneys.

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    Communicate with your coverage attorney with secure, real-time messaging.

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    Focus on what's important to your business, or just enjoy all that time you saved.

Run the Call


Whether it's for Big Law, start-ups, or a solo practitioner, we provide a platform of on-demand services designed to compliment & scale with the growth and success of any practice.

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  • Request Coverage

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      Submit Request

      Request coverage from your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone.

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      Get matched with one of our vetted, coverage attorneys.

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      Real-time Chat

      Secure messaging keeps you in control from start to finish.

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      Set it & Forget it

      We'll update you of future hearings that require coverage.

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  • Cover Court Calls

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      Make Money

      After approval, make money by covering court calls.

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      Grow Your Practice

      Take control of your business and minimize any slow downs.

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      Choose Courthouse

      Work at the courthouses nearest to you.

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      Work When You Want

      Cover appearances on your schedule.

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